What is the best? – Air bed or Water bed?

I’m planning to buy a good mattress. Which is the good one?

Water mattress or air mattress?

7 Answers

  • I would go for the water one because it would be funner to jump on!!!!!!!

  • Waterbed Vs Air Bed

  • https://shorturl.im/aylOx

    What if that water bed leaked? But then again, what if they air bed lost air? Hmm… I’m just going to stick to traditional beds for now!

  • Air bed, the water bed moves too much

  • A tempurpedic cloud supreme is the best!! But out of those two and waterbed an air matress is easier to maintain but feels to ordinary to me

  • i would suggest buying an air bed… they support you and you can change it to your needs

    the water bed moves too much and doesnt support your body

  • water bed is better.water has more density than air.will reflect well.balance well too !!!

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