What is the best large mammal?

I don’t mean “what kind of large mammal is the best”, like “a hippo”, but rather which one animal in particular is the best? Could be a whale, an elephant, anything large.

14 Answers

  • I’m the largest mammal you’ll ever meet son. Come test me and my rock hard abs when you’re done foaming over hippo’s cheekbone. See you soon.

    -The Largest Mammal

  • The Jesuswhale who ate Jonah.

  • a whale , they have the biggest part ..

  • Which unanswerable question is the best?  And which unanswerable question is unanswerable because it is totally meaningless?

  • Humans are in the range of “large mammal.”  We’re all over the globe and have a high population for large mammals.

    (Actually, I’d bet that we have a high population for any mammal.  The house mouse might beat us in numbers, and two species of rat are about equal, but those three owe their success to us.)

  • Bears are best.

  • Best what? Best hunter? Best tasting? Best pet?

  • The best for what? For walking across desserts and remembering the locations of water holes, an elephant is best.  For swimming the length of the world’s oceans, a whale is probably the best. For farting in mud wallows, it is hard to beat a hippo. For eating with roast potatoes, cow is pretty good. What is ‘best’ depends on our criteria. There is no independent measure of what is best.

  • I think Orcas are the best and the actual apex predator of the ocean. They easily kill Great Whites because they are faster, longer, more manuveravle, and way more intelligent. Great Whites just look mean, and are dangerous but they are still just giant fish.

  • Giant Flemish rabbit 

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