What is the best name for this molecule?

What is the best name for this molecule? Explain your naming process. CH3 -CH2-Ch2 C||| CH3-CH-C CH3


3-ethyl pentane is the hydrocarbon

3-ethyl pentane


1       2       3       4      5


This is the 5 C straight chain (main chain).  The main chain is called pentane.

1       2       3       4      5




There is one ethyl group (side chain) from the third C atom. And there are a total of 7 C atoms.

So the nomenclature of this molecule is 3-ethyl pentane.

for compound CH3 it is named methyl or methyl, for compound CH3 -CH2-Ch2 C ||| since it is an alkyne for the triple bond that is why it is a group of carbons called propyne, on the other hand the last equation where CH3-CH-C is expressed, I think you meant CH3-CH-CH2 || with which this last serious propene since the double bond is what makes it an alkene.


The compound CH3-CH-C was considered poorly written since a carbon can always bind four hydrogens, so if the molecule is CH3 it is because it has 3 available bonds to bind with the hydrogens and one with an R (radical) If the molecule is CH2, it is because it is linked to two radicals on each side and it only has two available bonds for hydrogens or because it has a double bond, on the other hand, in the case that it is CH or it has a triple bond or is attached to three other radicals / carbons and only one bond is available for bonding with hydrogen-

It is important to understand that if a carbon in an organic chemical sequence is only expressed as C, it is because its four unions are occupied and cannot bind to hydrogens, thus being the opposite case of methane, which is CH4 where ALL ITS UNIONS ARE WITH HYDROGENS SINCE IT IS NOT JOINED TO ANY RADICAL.

Organic chemistry is difficult, I hope the equations you wrote are well expressed, otherwise if you have doubts you can consult me.


The best possible name for this molecule would be: 4 - ethyl - 1 - heptene or 4 - ethylhept - 1 - ene

We always name the molecule with respect to the longest chain (in a branched molecule), taking both atoms of carbon participating in the double bond into account too. In our case, this gives us a 7 Carbon chain - hept

ene - is the suffix that is indicative of the molecule being an alekene.

So we know it is a branched heptene molecule

We add the number where the double bond occurs either before ene, or before heptene as a rule.

Note: We always start with the end of the chain from where the double bond is the closest, and number the carbons accordingly.

The title and position of the branch always comes at the start. In our case the branch is a two carbon chain, and an alkane, so it would be an ethyl branch. This branch occurs at carbon number 4

Hence, the correct names would be:

4 - ethyl - 1 - heptene or 4 - ethylhept - 1 - ene

Hope this helps!

Answer is: 4-ethyl-1-heptene.

Structure of this alkene is in Word document attached.
First find main chain with longest number of carbon atoms, that is chain with seven carbon atoms and it start on the right and going up the three-carbon attachment.
Main chain has double bond between first and second carbon (the lowest number), so it is 1-heptene (alkene).
Substituent is on fourth carbon atom, it is alkyl group with two carbon atoms (ethyl).

It seems like I begin to forget whole organic Chemistry. Anyway, the answer is 2-methylheptane-3-yne.
To build a name for this molecule, you need to:
1. Determine where there is the lowest chain beginning with the double, triple bond, or there is other thing for other types of organic molecules.. In this case you have one triplet bond, and the lowest chain there is the one that is below the bond.
2. In this small chain you see one "forks": CH3 and another CH3 go from the one CH. Put number 1 where there are the most number of such compounds, in this case it doesn't matter because we have one CH3 in one way and one CH3 in the another.
3. Determine the largest chain which surely has the triple bond. Put the numbers from 2 to the final beginning with CH3 where you put number 1. Your largest chain consists of 7 particles CH3, CH2, and CH.
4. You see that you also have one unnamed particle, the one which is "the other way" when you are in the CH which is below the triple bond on the picture. Its name will be 2-methyl because it is connected with particle #2 and it consists only of one carbon. If there were 2, it would be ethyl, and so on.
5. Finally, let's write a full name: put 2-methyl first, "2-methyl." Then, write a full name for the chain of 7 carbons, which has to be heptane, if it had 5, you would name it pentane, ethane, and so on. So, we have "2-methylheptane." Finally, you see that you have a triple bond after the carbon #3. Put a dash and the number of this carbon. "2-methylheptane-3" you should have. Since it is alkyne (organic molecule with one triple bond), you have to write "yne" at the end.
the final name is "2-methylheptane-3-yne." You can answer the question "explain your naming process" by using the answer I provided. Hope it helps. Good luck!
Nonene. Since it has c-c double bonds, we can be sure that its an alkene. To know its name, we can deduce from the number of carbon atoms ie 9.

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