What is the composition of capillary blood ?

What is the composition of capillary blood ? Explain



It is a mixture of venous, arterial, and capillary blood as well as interstitial and cellular fluids. ... Analytes such as potassium, calcium, and total protein are lower in capillary specimens, where glucose is typically higher than in venous blood.

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the correct answer is b. a strong acid completely dissociates to its ions when dissolved in water. hbr completely dissociates to h^+ and br- ions. a is incorrect because h_2s does not fully ionize to h^+ and hs^- ions and some remain as the compound h_2s. c and d are incorrect because, li_2o and libr do not fall into the category of bronsted lowry acids. a bronsted lowry acid is a proton donor and since both molecules do not have a proton to donate they are not bronsted lowry acids. likewise,   if we use the lewis acid definition, they cannot be acids. a lewis acid is an electron pair acceptor. both li_2o and libr have a complete octet so can not accept any electrons which disqualifies them as acids.

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