What is the correct pronunciation for Hefeweizen ????

Just type it like it sounds normally. And if this has been asked a million times on this site. I apologize. Please don’t answer if you don’t know. This is serious s***. lol

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  • It’s German (the second answer is really close)

    but it’s pronounced this way:

    heff – eh – vie – sin

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    because “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.” seriously, if they are saying it correctly, it may not be about pretending to be something else…but saying it the correct way as those are not english words thus the english pronunciations are incorrect. as an example, whenever i order a hefeweizen, i always pronounce it the correct, german way where the “w” sounds like a “v.” it’s a german beer and a german word (much like “beer” is spelled how you pronounce the german word “bier”). i’m not trying to impress anyone or make fun of another language…it’s just the right way to pronounce the name of a delicious beverage. by contrast, it would be like pronouncing “rendez-vous” as though it were an english word. just makes you look ignorant to say it wrong. now, if they are saying it with a goofy accent…they just think it’s funny to make fun of other languages and you should spit in their sandwich when they’re not looking.

  • That’s yummy

  • Why do idiots who don’t have a clue answer these questions????

    It’s heff-eh-vite-zen…

    Morons always forget the “T” sound and it pisses me off.

  • made some .. opened my first bottle this evening I say .. WOW it’s good

  • pronounce it like it sounds but replace the W sound with a V sound …..

  • Hope this helps!

  • hef-ah-vison(like bison)

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