what is the difference between a sweet 16 and a quince?

my mom is making a Big deal about my sweet 16 and is saying i should just have a quince but i want a sweet 16 SO PLZ help Wats the diff.

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  • Sweet 16 is for the 16th birthday, which for girls is important because it symbolizes the becoming of a woman. For guys it’s just another birthday, so they could give a **** less about it.

    The Quince, Quinceñera, or Quince años (English: “fifteen years”), is a coming of age ceremony held in some Latin American cultures on a girl’s fifteenth birthday, comparable to a Sweet Sixteen celebration. Planning begins up to a year in advance, and requires the resoures of several members of the family and friends. The family priest will perform a Quinceañera ceremony in church. The girl’s baptismal godparents will oversee the spiritual celebration, and her many friends and relatives will attend to see the recognition she will receive as she makes the transition from girl to young lady in everyone’s eyes.

    Hmmm… not too much difference at the end of the day as in both cases ou get to be lavished with presents & both have a lot of pomp & fanfare but a sweet 16 is more themed towards you & your friends having a good time while a quince is based more on a theme of family 😉 & most probably why your mother would like you to have a quince…

    hope that helps

  • A Quince is a spanish/mexican/cuban tradition that is more formal usually than a sweet 16. Also, a quince happens when a girl is 15.

  • Haha well for one thing a quince is for the 15th birthday because in spanish quince means 15

  • A sweet 16 is for turning 16 a quince is a tradition for mostly hispanics and it’s celebrating a 15th birthday and becoming a woman it’s a church thing.

  • Well, quince means 15 in Spanish.

    I believe the only difference is that one celebrates your 15th birthday, and the other your 16th.

  • you mean quince as in quinceañera??? it’s actually the same it’s just that quince is more for latin americans and sweet 16 for the us, but it’s pretty much the same big great party

  • 16 is for white girls and 15 is for latinos

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