what is the difference between Bohemian and Gypsy?

I don’t just mean in style of clothing but in beliefs, as such. Clothing, too. i am not asking to be ride, i am curious, as to me thestyle of clothes, is the same. Are they??

i meant rude, my bad.

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  • In modern terms both a merely styles of dress. It’s okay to wear gypsy style skirts and accessories if your style is bohemian, which is usually shortened to boho and vice versa, it’s not like the fashion police are going to lock you away or anything. if anything we are happy to see someone who doesn’t dress like a clone of everyone else. At its core boho is about individuality and about being unique in the world. Gypsy skirts are a big part of the colourful boho look, as is anything slightly ethnic, brightly coloured, sparkling, beaded or embellished. Bohos also love beaded jewelry of bright carnival glass and natural materials. As far as the philosophy behind the style is concerned –not beliefs, that’s far to dogmatic and heavy handed –boho is artistic, creative, a unique person who expresses her individuality and is probably earth centered, cares about the environment, and tris to make environmentally sound choices, doesn’t carry a designer status symbol purse, and believes that you should judge a person by what’s on the inside rather than what’s on the outside. It’s the modern idea of the hippie, only cleaner and without the pot smoking.

  • Bohemian Gypsy

  • I guess gypsy has a more negative connotation as not so wealthy people who travel around and keep on getting rejected by the cities as there are no place to put their camping cars. Bohemian is more like a way of life to me, a bohemian is someone laid back that may dress like a gipsy but is more related to like the flower power movement back in the days. Travelling, singing, feeling close to nature etc

  • A Gypsy is someone from a specific group of people known as the Romanie. No, they are not necessarily Romanian. The Romanie are found in nearly all “industrialized” countries of the world, and tend to keep to themselves – they do not normally marry outside their own People and they can be highly secretive of their own culture; they tend to “take care of their own”. And no, they are not the “gypsy” of Hollywood, even though they sometimes do move from place to place a lot. I have known more “Christian” non-Gypsies who are quicker to rob someone than any real Gypsy…..

    “Bohemian” is now considered a life-style, although it used to denote a group of people from a specific country, Bohemia; the country, and the region it was a part of, is no longer known by that name.

    Oh, and “I Love Stallone”…your post has been reported because of your stupid, bigotted remark about Gypsies.

  • generally bohemian refers to anyone from the Czech Republic and therefore the term has no origins in style. However since gypsies have their origins in eastern europe their style of dress is obviously bohemian.

    however a gypsy is not a fashion icon, and when we arer eferring to those nice flowing dresses and balngles and belts as such we should refer to them as bohemian clothes.

    gypsies are nomads living in caravans and often engage in criminal activity and deceit.

    GYpsies do not wear nice clothes, olden time gypsies used to wear the frilly skirts and stuff, today they wear whatever they can get their hands on from pick pocketing, shoplifting etc

  • https://shorturl.im/pxHKI

    Bohemia is and area and ethnic group near Prague. They are mostly known in the city for their free spirited ways and there glass work.

  • I was wondering much the same question

  • big diff. ones just laid back and the other try to cheat you out of your money

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