What is the difference between full-frame and wide screen?

i was wondering cause I am looking to buy a few movies off the internet and I have two choices :full-frame and wide screen. What’s the difference and which one in your opinion is better?

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  • On a standard TV full frame will fit the screen perfectly and widescreen will have black bars on top of and below the image. The reason is that the frame in which most movies and even many TV shows are filmed is wider than an ordinary TV. Most full frame DVDs use a process called Pan & Scan, where they zoom into the image until it fills the screen, which means the sides of the picture are cut off. For example, if there were two people talking on either side of the picture, a full frame DVD would only be able to see one of them. So in my opinion it is always better to go with widescreen, but the choice is up to you.

  • Full frame screens basically cut out the sides of the wide screen picture. Film is shot much wider than NTSC or PAL video for TV or video (except HTDV). When they adjust the wide screen video for TV, they cut off either side. If you view wide screen on a typical TV you will see black above and below the picture, however you will be seeing the entire shot. I always go for wide screen. In a few years most TVs will be in the 16:9 "wide screen" format.

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    The difference is due to something called "aspect ratio". Widescreen movies have a 16:9 aspect ratio, meaning that they are more rectangular than square in the shape of the screen ( the screen is wider than regular, hence the term "widescreen"). The difference in the picture is that with widescreen, you see more on the edges of the picture. For instance, if there were 100 trees in a shot, with full frame you might only see 70 of them because the edges are cut off a bit. To me, this makes a difference in the movie, but not so much that you would have a different understanding of the film. Moving forward, I would say that you should buy your movies in 16:9 or widescreen format because more and more TV’s are now in that format.

  • Full Frame Vs Widescreen

  • Wide-screen is, well, wider. 🙂 You get to see a little more of the scene as it was filmed. There’s a small black bar at the top & bottom of the screen in order to allow for more on the sides. Full-frame is just normal, I guess. It’s like if you saw a movie on cable or something. I prefer wide-screen.

  • Full screen- this covers the whole TV.

    Widescreen- does ot cover Tv, but shows more of the intended shot. Pirates of the Carribean 2 doesn’t make sense without widescreen.

    Full screen shouldn’t even exist.

  • full frame or screen is when it fills the screen and the other which is wide only shows 3/4 of the screen which is kind of half the screen but not really

  • in wide screen there are small black bars but u can see much more of the camera’s view on the left and right while full screen takes up the entire screen and shows less. i prefer wide screen.

  • what kind of tv will you watch it on at home…full frame will fill in

    your small tv if you buy the wide screen and run it on a small tv

    like 25" etc the picture will have like a black space on the top and bottom…annoying for me

  • watch this video it shows how disruptive to the integritiy of a movie fiting to screen really is. see what some directors think about widescreen movies, its very interesting.


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