What is the difference between men’s black adidas pants and women’s black adidas pants?

OK, I know this is an odd question, but, seriously, sometimes, when i do the laundry, i get mixed up between my black adidas pants with white stripes on the side and my brother’s black adidas pants with the same style. So is there a difference?

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  • Womens Adidas pants are using a different shape and sizes. Usually they have more room on the butt area and less room on the crotch. Since guys arte known to get..well…um…rather ‘large’ in that area and women dont, there is no need for the extra stitching! Women also have 5% more body fat the men do, so there will be either more elastic on the butt or just more fabric being used! But other ten that, the switched-up pants between you and your brother may not be different unless your brother and you are two different sizes. But it may be slightly uncomfortable for your brother! 😀 Best of luck with your laundry!

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  • There is a difference in the way the pants are cut. If you and your brother are about the same height it might not be as noticeable but if you try the guys version on you’ll probably see they are most likely going to be looser.

  • check the sizes…or take a permanent marker and write your initials on the tag of your pants.

  • hold on let me check…..yeah they do.

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