What is the difference between Specialty and Speciality?

I was doing research and on doctors and medicine, and I stumbled upon these two terms. Unable to identify their specific meaning anywhere else on the world wide web, I knew that I would get some valid and appriciable responses at the one and only Yahoo Answer Community. Yes I know my english is terrible.

5 Answers

  • They both mean the same thing. The original word is ‘speciality’ The word ‘specialty’ is an american derivative.

  • Speciality Spelling

  • There is a bit of a difference…

    Specialty: a special or distinctive quality, mark, state, or condition.

    Speciality: a special interest or skill. Service or product specialized in, as at a restaurant: roast beef was a speciality of the house

  • They both mean the same thing, but I notice on TV programs that Brits tend to use “speciality” and Americans don’t.

  • there´s an i after the l in speciality

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