what is the english word for tamil word yeppam?

it is a gas comes through our mouth after digestion

12 Answers

  • It is belching or burping. "Vikkal" is hiccups.

    The noun burping has one meaning:

    Meaning #1: a reflex that expels wind noisily from the stomach through the mouth

    Synonyms: belch, belching, burp, eructation

  • English Meanings For Tamil Words

  • Empire is the correct translation. The Moghul samrajyam extended from north of Delhi to near Nagpur.

  • In English it is called Hiccups

  • Burp is the correct word and hiccups is 'Vikkal'

  • To burp

  • hiccups means - "vikkal"

    it's called a "burp" for yeppam!

  • vikkal means hiccups

  • Birp!

  • It is called belching

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