What is the Fan Pit for Concerts?

i have britney spears concert ticket and they’re called “fan pit”. can someone please explain to me what exactly is the fan pit? i know u r supposed to be standing but how can u exactly be in the way front part of the stage? like front row? thanks to good answers!

3 Answers

  • In theory there are no rows of people at a standing gig because you’re all bunched up together on one floor space/ Front ‘row’ is right by the barrier. if you want to be crushed to death (Like 2 guys at Guns ‘n’ Roses at Donington in ’91 I think) then by all menas stand there.

    But really there aren’t any rows at a gig because people are all packed in together and are standing in a totally random formation. And as you’re gonna be jumping and dancing about anyway. You’re gonna get pushed back and forth a few feet.

  • Pit Fans

  • really please give me that ticket coz i dont have money and i want to go to Britney Spears concert.

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