What is the fastest method to cool a straightener, that is safe?

I have a CHI straightener in the traditional model (black with gold plates) and it always takes FOREVER to cool down. I usually turn it off and unplug it to conserve electricity and to avoid fire hazards. Would it cool, and still be safe, to just turn it off and leave it plugged? What do you do to quickly cool your straightener?

A lot of you guys are mentioning heat proof mats… didn’t mention I had one of them! Haha. And if you don’t care and you’re telling me to put it in the freezer, why are you even here? Just go away! Oh, and my CHI doesn’t have a lock….

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  • well if your in a hurry put it in the freezer like don’t shut the door and keep it there though like stick it in their for like a minute or minute in a half but don’t keep it plugged in.

  • The thickness of a straightener would not rely as you pull it each of how down the strand. Thinner straighteners are actual extra valuable with the aid of fact they permit you to get closer to the roots of your hair. the terrific straightener which you’re able to purchase that may not harm your hair(as undesirable, you could in no way get far flung from harm with heated styling products, yet you could shrink the wear on your hair with the aid of attempting tresemme’s iron look after spray, i think of it is in simple terms approximately 7$) is going to be a straightener that has adjustable warmth administration, CHI’s have not got this. Paul Brown has a reliable adjustable hair straightener, yet they are approximately 2 hundred$. attempt procuring around at your close by hair salons, they are going to generally have sales the place you will locate salon high quality straighteners at a sensible cost. yet, make certain you employ something to guard your hair once you straighten this is going to be your terrific chum for retaining your hair wholesome, and it will actual help shop your hair straighter longer and it provides the straightener something to hold directly to on an identical time as you straighten. jus tmake beneficial the product is dry in the previous putting the straightener on it.

  • I have a CHI too 🙂 I turn it off and unplug it and i have a heat proof mat that I put it on. and I know this sounds silly but when it is hot like I just finished using it and I need to take it somewhere like a friends house or my dads i put it in an insulated lunch box. It actually helps believe it or not. 🙂 ♥

  • hey:) thats the same with my CHI.

    ya u can still be somewhat safe to leave in the plug, but i wouldn’t advise that, its more likely to start a fire leaving it on, and whether u unplug or leave plugged in, its still gonna cool at the same rate. something tht i do is get a towel or something (a hand towel or reg. one is fine) and i run it against it, as if im straightening a towel using the straightener

  • I just put mine on the safety lock and leave it. I guess a good idea would be to put it on a heat proof mat.

  • JUst put it on the edge and unplug it make sure it is sitting on the rim of the straightner cause then it can cause damagae to your straightner great straightner have the same one!

  • Spit on them. LOL.

    You could try turning them off like a few minutes before you are done with them… if they still stay the same temperature, then it will still strighten your hair & they will cool down quicker. 🙂

  • You can put it in your freezer (:

    AND! You could…uhh…. un plug it! Yeah! DO THAT!

    ANd make sure you lock it with the little lock thingy.

  • put it outside to cool while finishing geting ready

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