What is the first step toward reconciling your checkbook register

What is the first step toward reconciling your checkbook register


Assuming you already know your book is off, redo your math. If you're just going through it, call your bank and see if your number matches the bank's number for your account.

Compare the balance amount in your check register with the balance amount in your bank statement.


Reconciling the checkbook register is the best way to keep track of the bank account balance. It means to examine the checkbook register and receipts to guarantee that all transactions you have been recorded. By comparing the checkbook register balance with the bank statement balance, we can determine whether all transactions have been accounted for without any errors (if the numbers match) or not (if the numbers do not match).


Step-by-step explanation:

For reconciling checkbook register successfully, the check register amount must be greater than balance amount in your bank statement.

So, the first step should be to compare these two amounts for reconciling the checkbook register

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Compare the bank statement to your checkbook.

When doing this each completed transaction should be checked off in your register. After checking off the completed transactions, then you can compare the balance the statement shows to what you have for those same completed transactions.

There is actually 3 steps:
Step 1: Adjust the bank statement balance. All your transactions for the month may not be on your bank statement. ...
Step 2: Adjust the check register balance. ...
Step 3: Compare the adjusted balances.

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