What is the function of the gametophyte generation of the fern plant?

What is the function of the gametophyte generation of the fern plant? not multiple choice. produces reproductive organs which produce a zygote produces meiospores which grow into a sporophyte plant produces a new fern asexually grows as a diploid fern


That would be A. Produces reproductive organs which produce a zygote.

Zygotes grow into the sporophyte(diploid), spores grow into the gametophyte(haploid).

Sporophyte produces haploid spores through meiosis, gametophyte produces gametes through mitosis.
What is the function of the gametophyte generation of the fern plant?  not multiple choice. produces

The answer is produces reproductive organs which produce a zygote!

A is the answer on apex



gametophyte: a, d, e

sporophyte: b, c, f



they produces sperm and eggs that are a haploid in number (one set of chromosomes). combination of the two haploid cells gives rise to a diploid zygote. They are typically larger than the sporophyte particularly the megagametophyte.


They produce spores that are tiny diploid cells (two sets of chromosomes) that can on their own undergo a form of asexual reproduction.

an example of a phylum that can undergo both processes are the Bryophytes

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It would be A 🙂


Produce reproductive organs which produce a zygote

Option B

The gametophyte is within the flower in angiosperms. Mitosis occurs in sporophytes to produce spores  is NOT true of plants


The plant life cycle fluctuates within haploid and diploid engenderings.  The haploid gametophyte is evolved by Gametes. Breeding provides origin to a diploid sporophyte, haploid spores are generated through meiosis. The aforementioned sort of growth series is termed a haplodiplontic life cycle.

Mitosis befalls in both gametophyte and sporophyte engenderings. Diploid sporophytes beget haploid spores by meiosis, haploid gametophytes generate gametes by mitosis. Angiosperms preserve their seeds inside chambers at the core of a flower, the surfaces of the chamber succeeding extend into a fruit.

Option C is the correct choice.


Generation Alternation seems to be a method of development process found in domestic cell walls animals as well as of plants where typically express populations overlap between diploid or haploid species. This could be associated with animal random mutations, where both the mentioned cells are present in each generation.

Some other choices provided do not correspond to the circumstance in question. And the correct response will be Option C.

The correct answer to the question above is the third statement. A gametophyte is a gamete-producing plant.­­ when a sperm meets an egg, fertilization takes place and a new sporophyte is produced. I hope I have answered your question.

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