What is the gamestop gpg 1 year warranty?

I scratched my fifa 14 disc that I bought from gamestop. It has the bad circular rings around the edge. I panicked at first, but then realized I think I purchased a warranty for the game at gamestop. I’m not entirely sure if I have the warranty or not or what that entails.

On my receipt it says GPG- 1 year $3.00 . I’m guessing gpg means Game-play guarantee? does that mean I have the warranty? Also I want to know will gamestop cover it for a new game, even though the scratches are the worst kind and major scratches?

1 Answer

  • As long as it’s still in the year warranty you purchased GameStop will replace the disc,You’ll probably need the receipt the do it, or if you have a power-up rewards card it would be saved there.

    Source(s): Friend who works there

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