what is the hybridization of phosphorus atom in PCl3?

Please explain how to solve and give the solution.

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  • SP3

    Here is my little trick:

    For every “thing” we have around an atom, we count. One “thing” is a single bond, a double bond, a triple bound, or a lone pair. They all ONLY count as 1 thing, that’s it.

    Two things is SP

    Three things is SP2

    Four things is SP3

    In PCl3, we have:

    3 bonds, and 1 lone pair, so we have 4 things. 4 things is SP3.

    What about CO2? It looks like

    O = C = O

    Hybridization of Carbon:

    2 double bonds, no lone pairs, 2 things is SP


    1 double bond, 2 lone pairs, 3 things SP2

    Just remember that a single bond, double bond, and triple bond count as only 1 thing. And if you forget the SP3 or SP2, the number that comes after the P is the number of things, minus 1. Or, another way is the amount of things matches the amount of letters we have.

    Two things is SP, that is two letters, S and P

    Three things is SP2, that is three letters, S, P, P…

  • Hybridization Of Pcl3

  • Chris Reynolds and Tyrone Hopkins asked the same question. You should read the answers side by side.

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