What is the japanese word that sounds like “heki” (へき)? and means “no problem”?

I can’t find the word “heki” in the dictionary I have, but I keep hearing it. If anyone knows japanese can you enlighten me as to what this word is.

6 Answers

  • no wonder you can’t find heki. the right word is “heiki”. 平気 へいき being “heiki” means “don’t care, don’t mind, think nothing of, being calm”.

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  • I used heki-heki as a casual replacement for “daijoubu”.

  • Of course they are all correct…..the direct translation is “peaceful spirit” so no you can understand why it has so many meanings related to being at peace.

  • There are multiple meanings. Prejudice, wall, break or tear… Maybe you’re thinking of another word or meaning.

  • delic210 is right.

    heiki also means “I’m all right”

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