What is the longest University Course You Can take? ?

As in Years? I know that Medicine and Law can reach up to 10 years. What else that takes more than 4 years?

6 Answers

  • I THINK possibly architecture.

  • In addition to the others listed, there is also psychology. To obtain a Ph.D or Psy.D. typically takes at a minumum – 5 years (clincal psych programs take usually 6). Added to a B.A./B.S. thats 9-10 years of full time schooingl. After that though you have to do at least 2-3 years of a post-doctorate fellowship. All in all, you are looking at 11-13 years of school/training to become a psychologist.

  • First guy is right… medicine is traditionally the longest, although there are history doctorships/ research masters available for ten years throughout Europe and the Middle East. Sounds like fun!

  • Medicine only takes up too 10 years if you pick another scientific field such as human genetics or anthropology (probably not spelled right). But almost all PHD’ take 7 years.

  • My daughter is in year 7, getting her PhD in engineering. 3 more years to go..

    But overall medi school with a specialty gets even longer.

  • Anything really if you bolt on a Masters then go on to do a PhD.

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