What is the main purpose of a particle accelerator?

like does it involve a nuclear change a chemical change.. stuff like that.

3 Answers

  • to accelerate particles :p

    Actually, I know one purpose quite well, next year I’m going to be doing research with a particle physicist(im a physics major) and I know that what he’s using it for is to accelerate particles so they’re moving really really fast and then crashing them into each other and seeing what kind of junk comes flying out. This is how they discover new particles. They are currently working on a particle that is undetectable, but they know it’s there because there’s another particle shooting out in a different direction, and in order for the forces to be balanced the way that they are, there must be something there…

    Crashing particles together at these ginormous accelerations is really interesting actually, because when you crash them together so that they combine, you sometimes get a particle that has more mass than the sum of the 2 masses you started with!! So where is that extra mass coming from? Some of the energy is actually being converted into mass through Einstein’s famous formula E=mc^2.

  • It speeds up small particles

  • It pushes electrons in a circle, one bunch goes clockwise, while another bunch goes counterclockwise, when they get to full speed they are smashed into each other head on to break them apart. The purpose is to study the fragments.

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