What is the meaning behind the Heart song “Dog and Butterfly”?

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  • HEART’s love for dogs has even influenced their music. Ann penned the words to "Dog and Butterfly" but it was her Sheepdog that inspired the lyrics. Ann watched intently from her bedroom window as her Sheepdog chased a butterfly around the yard. "As Ann watched her dog it struck her as symbolic as to how life can be," explains Nancy. "When you’re an earthbound creature we’re always jumping and reaching for things we can never really catch, but you try anyway. And that’s the point of the song, we’re always trying to grab at something higher."

  • The old man approaches the singer who seems to be an adolescent or a young woman and who is upset. He tells her, "Take it easy. It’s not that serious. Look at the dog and butterfly. Laugh." I originally thought he told her to look at clouds, and see the shapes in them. But in any case, I think it means, take a look and laugh at the absurdity of life.

    The second verse is about the singer coming upon someone else. Seemingly a child, or an adolescent. She passes on what wisdom she gained from the old man. In the third verse, she thinks about it again at a tough time in her life.

    I remember when I first heard this song, I loved it, but couldn’t figure out what it meant. I discussed it with a friend, and he suggested that maybe we weren’t supposed to understand it now. Maybe later we would. I still love the song. It has meaning for me. Is it the same as the meaning the artist intended? I do not know. In a way, it is not important. Art becomes its own thing, and sometimes it just gets away from the artist and goes its own way.

  • Laughing is the key. We live and strive in the world; we get so upset, frustrated, disappointed, angry, and self-absorbed when we can’t make things go our way and we can’t get what we want. We must learn that we are not the center of the world. We cannot control the world; control is an illusion. We should learn to enjoy and laugh when we see the butterfly flying and to be grateful for the blessing to be able to watch and run and chase the butterfly for fun. We should not focus on the fact that we cannot fly like the butterfly or catch the flying butterfly. Enjoy our time on God’s earth and don’t waste time crying about what we don’t have, or can’t do. Love God, trust God, love our fellow man, and heed God’s word.

  • It’s a song about chasing a dream across your life and falling short. Get back up and try, try, try again. Kind of like The Itsey Bitsey Spider. It could could be love, a career goal, happiness, whatever it is that you’re reaching for. You gotta get up and take another shot at it…and another…and another. It’s also about mentors and later in life we become the mentor. Sort of a passing of the torch. Ann Wilson, or whomever she portrays in the song, grows up in each verse. First she is the anxious child being taught patience by the "old man", next she is the mentor when she comes upon a young one who is anxious or confused, then later in the final verse, in her adult life, she is once again reminded of the old man’s words when she feels like quitting and going home.The song was intended for a children’s album and / or book but record company demands had the group in a hamster-on-a-wheel cycle of making and album and touring so they expanded on the concept. Today, 37 years later, it is still a lesson to all of us but it is now a children’s book which includes a brand new version of the song! Proving once again that we should never stop chasing our dreams. Buy the book for a little one that you love or as a gift for a new baby here: http://www.heart-music.com/

  • Dog And Butterfly

  • OK on the description and meaning of the song below, but what does the "old man" in the song have to do with a Sheepdog chasing butterflies?

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  • I have an old children’s book (copywrite 1934) called "Rusty, the Pup who Wanted Wings" by Gladys & Corinne Malvern. The first time i heard the song by Heart i was so stunned…it almost is the same story (without an old man, etc)

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  • I so love this song, my take is: Ann watched the dog play with a butterfly when she was a girl and was mesmerized by the innocent, adorable failure of the dog’s attempts to catch her butterfly. As a child, we often take such situations quite literally, with little insight as to the deeper meaning. As we grew older, we realize some childhood memories stick with us to the point it changes us and makes us look for simpler answers in a complex world. Overall, we will never have everything we want, as much as we are the dog who chases the butterfly it is ultimately unattainable. Also, dogs don’t have hidden agendas or malicious intent. Go about chasing your butterflies with a tender, pure heart and the ground below will always be soft when you fall back down (whether it be total failure or falling just short of your goal). In most cases happiness will ensue if you have the right attitude. Expect some tears along the way, but lead with your heart & accept life as is & never give up 💜

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