what is the meaning of hindi word milan in english?

like for example do aatmaon ka milan,

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  • milan has a lot of diff synonyms/meanings....the baisc one being meeting/reassemble/combine

    in ur case the translation wud be "combine of two souls"

  • Concur Meaning In Hindi

  • Urdu (Transliterated) : "Milan" : 'juncture'.

    Hindi (Transliterated) : "milanA", "milAnA", "milAna" : merge, meet, accord, accost, receive, accrue, adjustment, agree, concur, add, cement, attach, adjoin, assemble, correspond, mix, associate, harmonize, blend, get, gain, fuse, find, encounter, descend, combine, club, coalesce, abut, congregate, coincide, affix, consist, contain, adjust, interlock, insert, incorporate, include, join, couple, joint, consolidate, confound, comprise, compound, introduce, comparison, graft, resemble, alloy, amalgamate, compare, answer, append, connect, interest, piece, mingle, link, liken, knit, jumble, bridge.

    Urdu (Transliterated) : "Milana", "milana" : 'mix', 'join'.

  • combine of two souls

    Source(s): ceremony of two souls after meeting
  • meeting ....confluence

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