What is the meaning of “progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged”?

Dolores Umbridge said this in her inaugural speech as Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher at Hogwarts(Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix). Please explain this statement.

3 Answers

  • It means that doing something that is un-necessary for the sake of making it appear that you are doing something is pointless.

    We have a saying ‘If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.’

  • Progressing Meaning

  • What Prof. Umbridge meant by this is that progressing – moving forward by studying magic with magic – just for the sake of progressing – moving forward, evolving, getting better at magic – must be discouraged. In other words, don’t study magic to be better wizards just because you can be better wizards. It’s deeper meaning was to keep the children at Hogwart’s from learning any more magic that would make them better – or challenging – wizards, because no one should be better than the best at present. If the children grow to be better than their parents, they will overtake their parents.

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