What is the meaning of the Tagalog word “buraot” ?

8 Answers

  • So many meanings but all negative if used to describe a person. Some of the meanings below:

    - opportunist

    - troublemaker

    - undesirable

    - nonsense

    - cannot say anything good or positive.

  • Buraot " Nakasimangot o Simangot"

  • buraot means palan𝒈𝒶𝓎u na guys

  • buraot means annoying or being annoy you can say it when someone annoy you

    buraot same meaning as epal (tagalog)

  • buraot. mahilig sa libre. o kaya mahilig manghingi ng kung anu anu. walang alam kundi manghingi hindi marunong maghanap buhay para sa sarili

  • "Pest; Troublemaker; Nuisance"

    -It is usually used by yayas to refer to naughty kids.


    In other words, "epal" or "KSP".

  • oppurtunist....or.negative traits or wrong doing

  • buraot means 'freeloader' -_-

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