What is the mile range for a 50 watt FM transmitter?

2 Answers

  • Depends on the location of the antenna….. Power output of the transmitter is meaningless if the antenna is poorly located….. If the antenna is located on top of a tower that’s on a hill you could easily get as much as 20 or more miles distance…… If its on the roof top of a house in a valley surrounded by mountains then maybe not even 2 miles……..

    Here is WJPZ in my area…. They only use 100 watts. The antenna is on top of a tower that’s on top of Mount Olympus here in Syracuse….. There range is approximately 50 miles wide, but limited to about 10 miles to the south due to taller hills…… and 20 miles to the north…..

  • Fm Transmitter Distance

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