What is the most Asian looking font on Microsoft Word?

Do you have any ideas?

5 Answers

  • As the other contributor said, the variety of fonts you can choose from in Microsoft Word depends on your operating system (Mac, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc) and if you’ve installed other programs that come with additional fonts (like Adobe Photoshop). We can’t really tell which fonts are on your particular machine. However, in Microsoft Word, if you click Insert > Symbol and then browse through the fonts in the dropdown menu, you can get a good idea if there are some Asian-looking characters that aren’t showing up in the normal list of fonts you choose from. If nothing on your system works for you, you can download Asian-looking fonts for free.

    Here are free ones that can be read in English, but are "styled" like Asian fonts:


    Here are some free Asian "dingbat" fonts that cannot be read in English:


    Best of luck!

  • Asian Font

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  • Fonts are operating system assets. Word has none of it’s own. Vista has a whole batch of them depending on which language you want.

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