What is the name of a baby deer?

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  • Either a calf or a fawn, depending on the species. For example, in red deer, males are called stags, females are called hinds, and young are called calves. In moose, males are bulls, females are cows, and young are calves. In white-tailed deer, males are bucks, females are does, and young are fawns.

  • Name For Baby Deer

  • Baby Deer Name

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    if its a girl name is Doe. like doe a deer a female deer, btw, bambi is not unique. I dont really like daby that much how about twilight names?

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  • its a fawn a female deer is a doe bambi my mom is bambi

  • Baby deer are known as fawns or calves.

  • a baby deer is a fawn, the male is a buck, and the female is a doe

  • Fawn

  • baby deer in general…..fawn

    a specific baby deer….bambi

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