What is the name of earth’s moon?

Everyone just calls it the moon because we only have one. But it does have a name.

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  • Every planet and moon in our solar system is given a latin name. The word “moon” is a descriptive word for a natural satellite orbiting a planet. Our moon is named “Luna”, but for some reason people felt calling it moon was easier. By the way, our sun is called “Sol” and our galaxy is the milky way. Everything has a name.

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  • okay, something no one has mentioned, moons are also refered to as natural satellities. Helios as the sun? must be Greek… Sol is indeed the name of our star. Luna is the name of Earth’s moon. why have the astronomers have refered to our planetary system as the Solar System for so long… gee I wonder… Some people probably dont know this but there are actually planets orbiting other stars called extra-solar or exo-planets(429). those can simply be refered to as Star Systems, due to the fact that they are not near us….

    some of yall need to check out the NASA website from time to time, for some real education on what is current. also check out the movie Avatar where they used the newest knowledge on the subject to form a story that I think rivals the Star Trek and star wars stuff; on a basis of what the reality ‘could’ be. how about a moon that orbits a gas giant that supports life?

  • No, it really doesn’t have a name…

    Is there another name for the Moon?

    The International Astronomical Union (IAU) decides on names for things in the Solar System, such as planets, asteroids, and moons. I asked Dr. Aksnes, the chairman of the group that decides on names for planetary systems and what’s in them, this question. It turns out that the IAU has not decided on a single name for the Moon (or the Sun for that matter), but supports the common practice of using the name of the Moon (or the Sun) in any language. Without capitalization, the word “moon” can be interpreted as any other moon and the word “sun” as any other star.

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    What is the name of earth’s moon?

    Everyone just calls it the moon because we only have one. But it does have a name.

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    Moon is just one of many names for it (there are more in other languages too). Another one is Luna. That is derived from the Roman goddess of the moon. The reason it is called moon is because that is its name. Then, we discovered other natural satellites orbiting other planets and said “oh, they have Moons too!” and to avoid confusion gave some of them (but not all) names. Again, mostly derived from Roman mythology. For example, Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons is named for a girl that Jove (or Jupiter, more commonly known as Zeus) kidnapped while he was disguised as a bull. Phobos and Deimos are the sons of Mars, the Roman war god. The moons are named for things that have to do with their planets. Our Moon is the “original”, and everything that looks like it was called that too.

  • The moon’s real name is Luna. That and other facts about the moon can be found at Journey Through the Galaxy.

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  • It’s probably just “moon”. Luna is the original Latin, but we don’t cal it that in English. It’s whatever you are comfortable with. You are probably asking because moons around other planets have names. But that is so we earthlings can keep track of them all. Here we just have one moon. It really is hard to come up with just one name since we have so many languages and dialects. Maybe a good name would be “Lookit”, as in “Lookit (look at) the moon!” Maybe we could just shorten it to “Luke”. (Bad attempt at humor, I guess).

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