What is the name of PbS2

What is the name of PbS2


Lead  sulfide.



The nomenclature of ionic compounds is given by:

1. Positive is written first.  And if the metal atom has various oxidation states then its oxidation state is to be mentioned in brackets with help of roman numbers

2. The negative ion is written next and a suffix is added at the end of the negative ion. The suffix written is '-ide'.

1.) CaCl_2 : Calcium chloride  (Correct)

In the given compound, calcium has oxidation state of +2 and chlorine has oxidation state of -1.The name is correct.

2.) Cu_2O : Copper (II) oxide   (Incorrect)

In the given compound,copper has the oxidation state of +1 and oxygen has oxidation state of -2.So ,the correct name will be Copper (I) oxide.

3.) PbS_2 : Lead (II) sulfide   (Incorrect)

In the given compound, lead has the oxidation state of +4 and sulfur has oxidation state of -2. So ,the correct name will be Lead (IV) sulfide.

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Lead (IV) Sulfide tetrahydrate
Lead lV Sulfide or you could say Plumbic Sulfide, it's the same.
Pbs2 lead [IV] sulfide is a chemical compound / Cu2o Copper [I] Oxide
Should be :

Lead Sulfate Tetrahydrate

The name of the compound PbS2.4H2O would be hydrate of Lead(IV) sulfide. The IV is to show that the lead in the compound has an oxidation state of +4. Lead also has an oxidation state of +2. Hope this answers the question. Have a nice day.

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