What is the only disney animated feature film whose title character does not speak?

What is the only disney animated feature film whose title character does not speak?


Your answer is Dumbo
        well, it is not study-related question. but, i am answering it.

        correct answer - merry weather and percy anastasia.

        merry weather and percy anastasia are the animated conception containing characters. mostly, these characters are seen  as disney animated characters.

The illusion of motion in both painting and animation is achieved by observing and sketching moving people and objects.

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A team of about 75 animators worked on the movie over the course of roughly four years. Since one of the major themes in the new story is change, they had a lot of work to do to update the characters and their surroundings

A theme park owned by Walt Disney World.


"Disney's Animal Kingdom park is a Walt Disney World theme park with daily and nightly attractions and experiences, including Pandora – The World of Avatar."

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Disney artists had to take a crash course in meteorology to learn about snow. The animators brought in Dr.

Merriweather and Percy

Merriweather is one of the good fairies from Sleeping Beauty and Percy is the dog that one of the settlers brought with him to America in the move Pocohantas.

Flora and Fauna are two of the three good fairies that are in the move Sleeping Beauty.

Kocoum and Flit . Kocoum and Flit are both in Pocohantas. Kocoum is the man that Pocahantas' tribe would like her to marry. Flit is the humingbird.

Anastasia and Drizzlela are the stepsisters in Cinderella.

The most appropriate topic for a group of high school students would be how to resist peer pressure and avoid harmful drugs. Option A is correct.

Drug use in high school is very common due to the fact that adolescents start to discover new things that cause them new sensations and feel very  atracted to them, such as alcohol and drugs, specially in order to fit in a group. The most common drug consumed by teens is marijuana.

Option B would be a topic for older people, option c for adullts or youth and  the last one for children.

A zoological theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida, near Orlando

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