What is the part of the ear that sends coded nerve signals to the brain?

Inner, outter, middle, or ear drum?

3 Answers

  • it is the auditory nerve..sound waves enter into the ear canal, travel to the eardrum (considered the outer ear) next the eardrum vibrates and causes the stirrup, anvil and hammer to move, (this is part of the middle ear along with the eustation tubes that provide drainage route and assist with keeping correct pressure in the ears). Next the waves move into the inner ear which consists of the cochlea or labrynth (which controls balance and is what is effected when you feel dizzy)the semicircular canals, and finally the auditory nerve which conducts the code to the brain.

    Source(s): High School A&P class
  • the inner ear

    Source(s): just took a test on this
  • cochlea?

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