what is the password of battlefield 3 reloaded rar?

i have downloaded this game but it ask for password.notepad says i have to do survey then i will get the password i have tried doing survey but not working.links of the survey are




plz help me..

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  • Battlefield 3 Password

  • Possible password game Battlefield 3

  • That’s a fake file trying to trick you into filling out surveys. It’s not real and you can’t get the password. Even if you could somehow get into it, you would see it is just a junk file and not an actual game.

    Filling out the surveys makes money for the scammers, and like you already know, just thinking the game is real is enough to make you fill out a few surveys for them – they don’t need it to be real.

  • password for battlefield 3 reloaded rar file can any one tell me?

  • You shouldn’t use a password for such a file, because it probably has a virus. If anyone wants to be nice and wants to share a ‘free’ (normally it costs some bucks) game, then he won’t ask for a password. So bottomline, just try to delete and forget that file and find a new one without a password, or even better, just buy the game. It won’t cost you a lot anymore.

  • 4e7d4275ad try this.

  • **** those guys. i tried more than 100 times to get the passwords

  • here’s the password guys: tady:bond:chaa:lunn this one works

  • anyone can give me the password

  • Well some of us dont have xbox or psps so we have to settle with pc. And no one sells pc games any more.

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