What is the past tense of the word,”Liaison”?

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  • "Liaison" is a noun, not a verb. Nouns do not have past tenses.

    The verb from "liaison" is "liaise" and the past tense of that would be "liaised".

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  • When I write I always use past tense. It feels more comfortable for me. I also would rather read past tense, as well. I don't mind present tense but I don't love it either. Past tense makes me more comfortable. However many of my friends who are avid readers say they like present tense. It all depends on the person. Neither is better or worse, it's just an opinion. A lot of people will read the book anyway. Write whatever feels natural to you, after all it is YOUR writing style, not the reader's. Art isn't created for other people, and in my opinion the moment you start trying to make everyone happy, it gets too hard. And too hard for no reason. No matter what the story is, how you write it, where you write it, how long it takes, someone is going to read your book. You'll get fans but you'll also get haters. Without the haters, we wouldn't be able to separate the fans. If you want to write in past tense, write in past tense. If you want to write in present tense, write in present tense. Go with YOUR person style of writing.

  • It's a noun. The past tense would be: "He had a liaison."

    I think there are some funky modernists trying to turn it into a verb, and say "Oh, he lee-azed with the government this morning." I have no idea how you would spell it, and I hope it doesn't catch on.

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    What is the past tense of the word,"Liaison"?

  • In English, the word liaison is a noun. It may be used as a verb in French -- I don't know.

  • Liason is a noun meaning an illicit meeting or a joining together of two groups. Nouns do not have past tenses, Verbs do.

  • There isn't a past tense to that word

  • Nothing... Liasion is a noun, not a verb.

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