What is the prefix of expose?

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  • Ex. So expose is to reveal.

    Impose, prefix im, to put upon, enforce.

    The common root is "pose".

  • to find a prefix you first need to find the root word or put it into syllables. so ex-pose. pose is the root word and pre as in prefix means before so before the root word so it is ex. the suffix is the op posit it is at the end so if you were doing ex-pos-ing pose would be the root ex the prefix and ing the suffix.

  • I imagine it is "ex" as to ex-pose. You know what posing is, right? Like a model posing for a photogropher. Well, to "Ex" is to do something outwardly. To ex-pose is to show something [reveal] (like your body) to the world.

    I think it is derived from the prefix "exo": which means, outward.

  • Ex

  • under exposure

  • ex-

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