What is the price range for a american bulldog?

7 Answers

  • i had a look at some from a reputable breeder. for a pet they where about 800 dollars, for a working dog 1200 dollars. you are best to be spending money on a Quality dog that wont have to be put to sleep by the age of 2 from debilitating genetic problems.

  • American Bulldog Price Range

  • I don’t know where Donna is from but American as opposed to English bulldogs are pretty rare around here, $800 where I am.

  • From a decent breeder 600 and up. Depends on what you want. A pet? a show dog? A working dog?

  • Don’t believe that to be right

  • They are being overbred just like every other breed. I have seen them for $100 here.

  • depends on where you get $250 up

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