What is the science of naming and grouping organisms called?

What is the science of naming and grouping organisms called?


Life science is grouping organisms

The science of naming and grouping organisms is called systematics.


The classification of grouping organisms in ordered systems according to similarities, origin, etc. is called taxonomy.
The science of grouping or naming an organism is called taxonomy.



The science of classifying living things is called .


the science of grouping organisms according to their characteristics and evolutionary history.

become more similar in appearance

As we move through the biological hierarchy from the kingdom to species level, organisms .

it doesn't seem to fit into either category

A mushroom is difficult to classify in Linnaeus's two-kingdom classification system because .


Which of the following was not a consideration for Carolus Linnaeus when he developed his system of nomenclature of organisms?


Which scientist developed the system of classifying organisms by assigning them a genus and species name?


A shark's skeleton is made of cartilage while a dolphin's skeleton is made of bone. This is one reason the two organisms are placed in different .


Because both organisms in the diagram are vertebrates, they are classified in the same .


The organism Quercus phellos is a member of the genus .


Poison ivy is also known as Rhus toxicodendron. Its species identifier is .

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