What is the specific function of the structure labeled f?

What is the specific function of the structure labeled F? Initial stimulus muscle strutt) D increase tension of the antagonis


Answer : B Determine amount of muscle stretching.


F is muscle spindle.It detects how much the muscle is being stretched and sends information to the central nervous system (CNS) via sensory nerve fibers. Where information is processed .


The  A fibre (sensory afferent)form ring around central portion of nuclear bag and nuclear chain fibers. Therefore, these nerve endings are called annulospiral endings.

Annulospiral endings and flowerspray endings form the senory part of muscle spindle.

*The option (C)determine muscle tension is rejected because it is done by GOLGI TENDON and not MUSCLE SPINDLE ,secondly goldi tendon is located in the tendinous portion not in the fleshy part of the muscle .

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