what is the strongest plywood….is it stronger than hardboard?

what is the strongest plywood per thickness? OK to glue up thinner in lamination to 1/2 lnch thickness

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  • Marine plywood is about the strongest I know of that is accessible. They use a waterproof glue that is much better than reg plywood.

  • Strongest Plywood

  • If you need only 1/2 inch, use either marine ply or if it is for interior, use any hardwood plywood that has solid plies of the same or similar material. There is also a “lumber core” available but a little harder to find at your local store.

    Marine ply in addition to having waterproof glue [as most exterior plywoods do] also has no “voids” which pretty well all other plywoods do. these are natural openings like knots etc that are in the unseen plies that make up the sheets. This improves the impact strength.

    There is a 1/2 inch birch that is without voids that is used in the furniture making business but I am darned if I can think of the name of it!

  • Veneer – core plywood is the strongest plywood you can buy. What makes it so strong is the way the plies are laid down. Each ply is laid at a 90 degree angle to the one under it giving the plywood strength in all directions.

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