What is the type of reflex represented by the pathway that includes a. d. and c?

Part A What is the type of reflex represented by the pathway that includes A, D, and C? 22 > Initial stimulus muscle stretch


The pathway that includes A,D & C represents reciprocal inhibition reflex (D) .As reciprocal inhibition is a neuromuscular reflex that inhibits opposing muscle during inhibition. When a muscle spindle is stretched and stretch reflex is activated the opposing muscle group must be inhibited to prevent it from working against the resulting contraction of homonyms muscle. This action is completed by action of inhibitory interneuron (D in figure.). Option A stretch reflex is incorrect as the stretch reflex is contraction of muscle that occurs in response to its stretch (it effects the same muscle). It is a Monosynaptic reflex involving only one synapse between sensory and motor neuron . Pathway A & B represents stretch reflex. B is incorrect as flexor reflex is a polysynaptic reflex resulting in stimulation of many motor neurones, it is also known as withdrawal reflex , intended to protect the body from aversive stimulus . It has a complex reflex arc.

Option C is incorrect as cross-extension reflex is reflex in which the contralateral limb compensate for lack of support occurs when ipsilateral limb withdraw from painful stimulus in withdrawal reflex. It helps your body to maintain balance when it is disrupted. (Two contralateral side muscle are involved).

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