What is the value of a 1975 Canada penny?

In U.S.

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  • Anywhere from nothing to about 2.8 cents.

    It isn’t legal currency, so for most people it is worth nothing. Even those who accept Canadian money typically don’t want change — let alone a penny. It would cost more to ship to Canada in order to get your 0.98 US cents for. In some places, since the coin is about the same size (and general value) as the US penny, folks won’t bother separating it from US pennies and continue using it as if it was a US penny.

    It isn’t old or rare enough to be a collector’s item. That said, if it was in mint condition, in a sealed container, and/or part of the 1975 coin set, some person might buy it on eBay for a few bucks.

    Finally, in 1975, Canadian pennies were made of mainly of pure copper — rather than steel/nickel coated with copper as it is since 1997. At 3.24 g and 98% copper it contains 3.18g of copper. With copper at $4 per pound and 453.59g/lb, the copper content of the penny makes it worth 2.8 cents. Of course, a scrap dealer isn’t going to worry around melting down a single penny, but if you have enough, it would be worth more to melt them down for their copper content.

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    What is the value of a 1975 Canada penny?

    In U.S.

  • 1975 Canadian Penny

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  • LOL, it isnt old enough to hold any value other than face value. Depending on its current condition, you may be able to keep it long enough that a collector would want it but highly doubtful. Value in coins is based on its introduction to currency or untouched, condition, possibility of metal contents and its purity level, possibility that it was miss pressed from the printing press, etc.

    I wouldnt hold it thinking you will retire on possibly selling it later in life for a hefty sum.

  • It’s worth all of canada.

  • Unless it’s uncirculated, it’s worth one Canadian cent.

  • Your penny is as valuable as you want it ti be. it is your coin and you can give it value that you think it is worth. for you ……

  • about as much as ur card board box house cost FREE

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