What is the volume of 5.60 g of O2 at 7.78 atm and 415K?

What gas law do I use? Step by step how is this done? I missed the class and the book doesnt do a good enough example to help me understand.

2 Answers

  • Use PV = nRT, where P is pressure, V is volume, n is moles, R is gas constant, T is temp in K

    so rearrange the equation to read V = (nRT) / P

    plug in what you know.

    Calculae the mol of O2 in 5.60 g of O2 n = m / M 5.60 g / 32 g/mol = 0.175 mol

                                              V = (0.175 x 0.08205 x 415) / 7.78
                                                V = 0.769 L

  • use PV = nRT

    convert the 5.60g to moles

    use 0.0821 for R and solve for V in liters

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