what is the volume of one drop of liquid?

12 Answers

  • It is generally accepted that 20 drops will equal 1 milliliter.

    So one drop will be 0.05 ml.

  • Volume Of A Drop

  • It depends on the liquid.

    Some has a greater cohesive bonding. Like mercury for example will not stick to the sides of a test tube like water does. Also the size of the molecules will also determine how much is in one drop.

  • for water, or a liquid similar in viscosity to water, and a standard chemical dropper, 20 drops = ~1 ml.

  • There are about 16 drops of water per milliliter or 80 drops per teaspoon.

  • For plain water you can count 20 drops per ml.

  • depends on the liquid

    dropleting is mostly a surface tension phenomena, but specific gravity also figures into it

    the method of drop formation plays a big part

  • Different liquids will form different size drops. It’s way beyond my ability to explain the concepts of viscosity and surface tension.

  • About one drop.

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