what is the worst underwear to get a wedgie in?

tell me witch under wear and why and give me persinal stories

2 Answers

  • i have to say thongs are bad but granny panties are the worst

    I have gotten wedgies in both a million times

    thongs are constant wedgies but when you get a wedgie in granny panties there is so much fabric it hurts a lot, especially if you get a hanging wedgie, then you are stuck up there forever because there is so much fabric

    once I was given a hanging wedgie wearing granny panties on closet hanger in my closet from my brother and his friends, then they shut the door thinking that the panties would eventually rip and I would get out, well I was in there so long that I had peed and pooped in my panties. My brother and his friends were wondering why they didn’t hear me getting out yet so they opened my closet door and saw what I had did in my undies and then grabbed a camera, it was extremely embarrassing!

    but I get wedgies all the time from my brother and his friends, now I seem to actually enjoy them

    and if you want to give me a wedgie go ahead and email me at [email protected] (oh and I am a girl, my brother made me get this username)

  • White Briefs is the worst.

    I never got a “wedgie”. No one ever gave me trouble in the school locker room.

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