WHAT IS THIS SONG CALLED?? It has ‘ say woo (woo) say yeah (yeah) woah yeah woah yeah woah yeah woah yeah?

I have no idea what its called! I ‘think’ its a type of reggae tune – it may not be but all I remember of the song is:

say woahhh (woahh)

say yeahhh (yeahhh)

say woahhh (woahh)

say yeahhh (yeahhh)

woah yeah woah yeah woah yeah woah yeah woah yeah

Thats the chorus. The brackets is when like the crowd reply. A man says ‘say woahh’ and then the crowd reply ‘woahh’ then the man says ‘say yeahh’ then the crowd reply again ‘yeahhh’.

Please help me out. Its been about 8-10 years since i last heard it. No idea who sings it. It’s probably a 90’s song, but again im not 100% sure. Any ideas what im talking about?

6 Answers

  • an excellent sort of songs have those kinds of lyrics. Please be greater specific. Is it sung with the aid of a guy or a woman? are you able to tell what sort of music it is? Please, be extremely much less imprecise and it is truthfully no longer so stressful to help. i’ve got heard approximately 40 songs with repeated “woah-oh”s and a couple of thousand with “yeah yeah yeah”.

  • People Everyday – Arrested Development.

  • Johnny Osbourne – buddy bye

  • Maybe ashtrays and heartbreakes by snoop lion and miley cyrus

  • I’d say it’s called ‘Say Whoah’… Catching on?

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