What is this song? Its in the film little nicky when hes being chased” Running,running,running through my head

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    it’s a guy singing. and i’d like to know the name of that song too, which is why i found this question. it makes me mad that people would answer if they obviously never even saw the movie before

    i wish someone who ACTUALLY knows would answer this, because i want to know as well

    the song is sung by a man, and i have heard both songs and it’s 100% for sure NOT by tatu

  • isnt it incubus? havent seen the movie in a while but it was very smart to put a lot of money into the soundtrack.

  • Zebrahead Now or never is the name it took me over an hr to find it so I hope u all have fun:D

  • its by TATU-All the things she said. they have a new one just like that entitled “all about us”. just thought you might want to give it a listen.

  • t.a.t.u-all the things she said (?)

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