What is widevinecdm.dll? Is it safe?

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  • Widevine paves the way for DRM encrypted HTML5 based videos to be playable via the browser, allowing video streaming services like Netflix to operate without the need for a specialized app. This is for Chrome browser.

  • Widevinecdm.dll is just more than a file. The earlier people realize that Google own them, they'd already become a customer. The file is safe and your computer does not require your permission to install it. Instead the security suite on your computer catches when it's being installed as a safe malware. So, it's doing job.

  • generally; yes, widevinecdm.dll is safe. For its purpose really why it is there in your computer is to play protected audio and video content using HTML5 media elements. How? Widevine CDM lets video streaming websites play protected content on Chrome and Firefox, without the need for extra plugins like Flash. It is used only during playback of protected content.

    Hope this helps.

  • What is widevinecdm.dll? Is it safe?

    A. I ran a scan and this was picked up as high risk and I was suggested to quarentine and remove it.

    cdm is content decryption module.

    if this is being considered safe by norton or other antivirus softeares or not being noticed at all--then that is reason to be concerned.

    read the news at www.bleepingcomputer.com regularly.

  • Whats A Dll

  • It's a file related to the Google Chrome browser. It is safe.

  • I searched for all instances of things with widevinecdm in their names and deleted them all (files and folders). I had to uninstall Opera. My computer functions just as well without these.

    I just hate it when the computer does things behind my back.

  • I do not trust the chrome browser and block Google, so I do not want this file or any Google file.

  • Yes I agree with what has been said

  • how come it d/l to my puter??? I don t have Google Chrome!!!

    It got d/l after a FireFox upgrade.

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