What is x divided by 2?

I am blanking out right now...

x/2 without know x's value? Cannot use x over 2 because it is for an inequality.

7 Answers

  • x/2 is the same thing as 1/2x

  • What Is X Divided By 2

  • 1/2

  • x/2 < 4

    solve for x

    x < 8

  • I'm not good at this sooooo


    -- = y


    There is 75% of a chanse that I'm right

  • multiply both sides of the equation by 2 so that x = 2*whatever

  • I'm not sure on this, but I really don't think this is possible. If none of the answers help you, try searching "algebra solver" on google, it really helps with solving algebra problems!

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