What kills lizards and keep them away?

Baby lizards like to sit near my apartment. They either live in the pine needles that the landscapers keep putting out or the cheap plastic material that makes up the outside wall of my apartment. There’s one outside now who leaves for a minute or 2 and comes back to the same spot. There was another one, somewhat big, that would sit by my door but stare at my neighbors door. I think the exterminator killed that one 

5 Answers

  • I heard CATS will play with them before chewing off their head. To a cat  it is the same as mouse, rat, canary, snake.

  • The only reason they are in that location is that there are plenty of bugs for them to eat. Don’t know about you, but lizards are better than bugs in my book!

  • Lizards eat insects so they are very useful. Leave them alone unless you would rather have insects crawling all over you. 

  • They don’t sound like they are doing bothersome behavior except hanging out by your door.

    Why is that a problem?

  • They eat a ton of bugs. I’d leave them alone.

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