What kind of bug does this look like? ?

I found it crawling on my pillow and it’s freaking me out. We tore off the sheets and checked the mattress for anymore and we didn’t find anymore but just wondering what bug y’all think this is?? 

It looks like a carpet beetle to me but my husband is convinced it’s a bed bug 

2 Answers

  • It isn’t a bedbug – just look them up!  

    If you want to look for bedbugs, look in the creases of the mattress along the piping at the edges or around any other creases or ᴮᵁᵀᵀons.

  • That looks like a varied carpet beetle.  It is not a bedbug.

    It’s harmless to people.  Vacuum up any crumbs and crud you might have lying around, remove trash, empty your vacuum cleaner away from your house.

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