What kind of cleats does Thierry Henry wear?

7 Answers

  • he wears reebok i think because he is sponsered by them.


    there he is wearing reeboks


    he is wearing reeboks aswell.

    i think he wears Reebok RBK Pro Rage Football Boots

    hope i helped

  • Thierry Henry Cleats

  • Yeap, because Thierry Henry has changed from Nike to Reebok since the starting EPL this season, if I’m not mistaken.

  • Reebok Sprintfit lite pro

  • only the ugliest boots in the world. REEBOK.

    they should stick to making hockey skates not football cleats

  • what ever they are are not helping him at Barcelona at all

    contact Nike for assistance

  • nike but i dont know wut kind

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